Sunday, April 04, 2010

Official Easter Egg Hunts - Fun, Fun!

After our morning worship, there was an Easter Egg Hunt for all of the kids at church.  Dane and Sydni both hunted with the younger group of kids out on the playground.  Ms. Vivian, who is always so great to take pictures of so many things, took the cutest pictures of all of the kids out there.  She was also so nice and took a family picture of the four of us. 

Dane was on the move to gather all of his loot!

I like this one - Sydni's taking lessons from her big brother. 

Sydni did really well hunting and held her own with the big kids, I thought.

This one's one of my favorites!

All right, Mom, time to go to Granna's now!

We headed straight from the church building to my parents' house to eat lunch and have the annual Bowers cousin Easter egg hunt.  Unfortunately, Joe David, Stefany and Jed couldn't be with us this year, and we really missed them a lot.  Since they'll be moving to East Texas soon, hopefully we won't have many more Easters apart in the future!  Yea!

The kids were excited and ready to hunt eggs, so they were not very cooperative with taking a group picture.  Looks like the stupid mom (me) who's idea it was to take pictures before the hunt should have known this would happen.  Oh well, we learn best from our mistakes, and we'll do better next year, hopefully!

These were the best pictures we could get of the group.

And they're off....

Dane carried binoculars with him during the hunt, so that he could make sure that all the eggs were found!

All done!  Dane is pooped out down by the swing with Granna, and Sydni's heading back to the house.  What a fun afternoon!

Easter Morning Happenings

Easter is here, Yea!!!  And guess who left something at our doors?  The Easter Bunny!!!  Happy Easter!

I just thought this one was too cute!

Dane is always the first to wake up most mornings, and Easter was no different.  Luckily, I heard him in his room, and I had the camera ready, so I could jump up and capture the moment they found their Easter baskets.  Here's Dane...

I love this look on his face, when you can tell he's just woken up but is so excited about something!  I can always count on seeing this expression at least two mornings a year, Easter and Christmas!  So sweet!

He seems pleased, I think!

Of course, they both always have to go and show Dad their stuff.

Now, it's Sydni's turn.  Sleepy head finally woke up - Dane and I probably had something to do with waking her up!

The Easter Bunny surprised "Little Miss Dora" with her very own Dora the Explorer backpack!  She was so excited!  And, yes, she puts her shoes on before she leaves bed every day.  Most mornings, she comes out with her rubber boots on.

I love the intensity on her face!

These next two pictures are some of my favorites.  They really do play well together.

Now it's Sydni's turn to show her stuff to Daddy.

Once we got our church clothes on, I tried to get a good picture of them.  Dane was trying to get Sydni to move to the right spot to take a picture.  It didn't happen.

This is the best shot that I could get, right before we headed to the car. 

We had a fun morning, and we had a wonderful and uplifting day of worship and fellowship, remembering the wonderful gift Jesus gave us by suffering and facing death, taking on our sins and the filth of all mankind for that he could ultimately overcome death, by rising from the grave, to be glorified and seated at God's right hand where He belongs....ALL FOR US because he loves us and wants us to be right with God too, like He is, and so that we can share in His glory for eternity in Heaven.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring is Finally Here! Time for a Practice Easter Egg Hunt!

It's been so pretty around here lately, and the week before Easter, we just had to get out of the house and enjoy the weather and get in a good practice Easter Egg Hunt, so that Dane and Sydni would be fully prepared for the real deal!  The hunt was over in a flash, and I decided to take a few pictures of my cuties!

Enjoying the hunt!

A few pictures together...

Some good ones of Dane...

And sweet girl...

And no practice Easter Egg Hunt is complete without a curious little cat.  Here's our Webster, or Webbie as Sydni says!